Oct 15, 2014

15 Halloween Candy Alternatives From The Dollar Store!


Halloween Candy Alternatives From The Dollar Store!

If you’re planning on passing out something other than candy this year (whether it’s on Halloween night or during a fall festival) then check out all of these great candy alternatives that I found at my local Dollar Tree (btw, you can find the current Dollar Tree Coupon Match-ups here!)

Halloween Candy Alternatives Themed Spin Tops

1. Halloween Themed Spin Tops – 12.5¢ per top

We were at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago and the prize for finding the stuffed turtle around the store (does every Trader Joe’s do the turtle thing?) was that the kids got to pick a colored spin top from the treasure chest. I thought to myself, “oh, they’re going to be so disappointed” but they played with those things all afternoon!

Halloween Candy Alternatives Generic Tops

2. Regular Spin Tops – 12.5¢ per top

If you head over to the party favors section, they have regular spin tops too!

Halloween Candy Alternatives Sticker Boxes

3. Halloween Sticker Boxes – 5.6¢ per sticker box

Halloween Candy Alternatives Straws

4. Pumpkin Straws – 20¢ per straw

I don’t know what it is about straws, but my kids get so excited when they find straws in the pantry!

Halloween Candy Alternatives Glow Bracelets

5. Glow Bracelets – 14.3¢ per bracelet (if you get the one with 7 instead of 5)

Not only do kids love anything that glows, but it has the added benefit of helping to keep them save as they walk through the neighborhood.

Halloween Candy Alternatives Erasers

6. Halloween Erasers – 8.3¢ per eraser

Halloween Candy Alternatives Pencils

7. Halloween Pencils – 8.3¢ per pencil

Chances are that most parents didn’t stock up on school supplies when the prices were super low in August (maybe you should let them know about Surviving The Stores! 🙂 ) so extra school supplies will be appreciated!

Halloween Candy Alternatives Girl Bracelets

8. Girl Princess Bracelets – 8.3¢ per bracelet

These were by all of the Halloween costumes at the front of the store and I thought they would be perfect to add to a grab bag or treasure chest! I know my 5 year old girl would be thrilled to get one of these.

Halloween Candy Alternatives Play Dough

9. Play Dough – 12.5¢ per can

Halloween Candy Alternatives Mardi Gras Beads

10. Mardi Gras Beads – 12.5¢ each necklace

I found these over by the party favors and my kids love them! This probably wouldn’t be as fun of a treat for those in Louisiana, but for all of the other states it’s a little bit more of a novelty. 🙂

Halloween Candy Alternatives Grow Capsules

11. Grow Capsules – 5.6¢ per capsule

I’m not quite sure how to divide these up… maybe cut them out in groups of 3? My 8 year old boy thinks these are the greatest things ever.

Halloween Candy Alternatives Bloonies

12. Bloonies – 25¢ each

These are a little more expensive than the other options, but so much fun!!

Halloween Candy Alternatives Foam Stickers

13. Foam Stickers – 1¢ each sticker

Halloween Candy Alternatives Cups

14. Plastic Cups – 25¢ each cup

Halloween Candy Alternatives Spider Rings

15. Spider Rings – 2¢ each ring

These would also be great to add to a grab bag or treasure box. I’m always surprised at how often my kids pick little things like this over what I would consider to be a nicer toy.

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  1. I give out playdough….the kids love it…and the parents always look like they ate already seeing themselves scrubbing it out of the carpet! 😉

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