Jul 8, 2014

What Are The Best Stock-Up Prices For Back To School Items?


HUGE list of the School Supply Stock Up Prices.  Find out which prices are going to be the best for all of the most common back to school items!

Yep, it’s time for back to school deals again!!

In general, the great stock up prices for most items happen throughout the year. BUT, with school supplies you’ll want to stock up on enough over the next couple of months to last you ALL year long!

So what’s a good price for school supply items? Here’s a chart of what I believe are good “stock up” prices for school supplies based on what we have seen in previous years.

Item NameSTOCK UP Price Ranges
(based on previous years)
2 Pocket Folders5¢ - 10¢ each
3 Ring Binders (1")33¢ - 50¢ each
BackpacksFREE - $5 each (Depending On Brand)
Basic Calculator50¢ - $1 each
Clear Tape50¢ each
Colored Pencils (Crayola Brand)50¢ each
Colored Pencils (Other Brands)50¢ each
Composition Notebooks25¢ - 50¢ each
Construction Paper$75 - $1.25 per package
Copy/Print PaperFREE (after rewards) - $1.99 per package
Crayons (Crayola Brand)25¢
Crayons (Other Brands)1¢ - 25¢
Dry Erase Markers (EXPO)50¢ each marker
Dry Erase Markers (Other Brands)25¢ each marker
Erasers1¢ - 25¢ (for Multipacks)
Glue Bottles1¢ - 50¢ each
Glue Sticks10¢ - 25¢ each
Graphing Calculator$40 - $60 each
Highlighters9¢ each
Index Cards10¢ - 50¢ per package
LunchboxesUnder $5 each
Markers (Crayola Brand)50¢ per package
Markers (Other Brands)50¢ per package
Mechanical Pencils15 - 50¢ per package
Notebook (1 subject)10¢ - 20¢ each
Notebook (3 subject)$1 - $1.50 each
Notebook (5 subject)$1.50 - $2 each
Notebook Paper1¢ - 50¢ (College or Wide-Ruled)
Pencil Box50¢ each
Pencil Sharpener1¢ - 15¢ each
Pens (Basic Pens)50¢ each (10 pack)
Poster Board25¢ each
Rulers25¢ - 50¢ each
Scientific Calculator$5 - $10 each
Scissors25¢ - 50¢ each
Sheet Protectors33¢ - 50¢ per package
White Out25¢ each
Wooden Pencils10¢ - 25¢ per package

School Supplies Stock Up List

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  1. Thanks for the list, it’s very helpful.  Any ideas on a good price for the jumbo pencils (i.e. Ticonderoga’s “My First Pencil” for beginners)? 
    Wish stores would put binders other than 1-inch at a good price; I have to buy some 1/2-inch binders for school and they’re hard to find at all here, much less at the sale prices for 1-inch.  Go figure.

  2. This is very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Kylie W. says:

    I would also like to know what the best price will be for the ticonderoga pencils

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