Oct 2, 2014

K-Cups Best Prices Round-up – Coffee K-Cups As Low as 31¢/K-Cup Shipped!!


Find the BEST prices on k-cups online! There are deals here for just about every brand, flavor, and type of coffee available.

K Cups Best Price

If you’re looking for the best prices on K-Cups, here’s a weekly round-up to help you out!

This K-Cups deals round-up goes as low as we can possibly find (currently 31¢/K-Cup) to as much as 50¢/K-Cup (we only go higher than that for variety packs and special promotions). We realize most of you who visit this page are looking mainly for great K-Cup price drops, so we have to decided to keep what we list here on the lower priced end of the K-Cup spectrum. That being said, there are still some great brands that fall in the 50¢ or lower category on a regular basis including Caza Trail, Martinson, Eight O’Clock Coffee, Barrie House, Java Factory, and even organic/fair trade blends as low as 31¢/K-Cup!

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Shipping & Coupon Code Info:

This K-Cups Best Prices round-up is now organized by price per k-cup rather than by company. Since shipping differs per company we’ve provided the shipping info below for stores that we include in the round-up. We’ve also included any special promo codes and their expiration dates if that is known.

Beside all of the K-Cups deals below is a three letter acronym for the company providing the k-cup deal so you can quickly reference the shipping info as well as any available promo codes in this section.

Cross Country Cafe (CCC) – Shipping is free on orders over $59 of any combination of their products, including non k-cup items. Make sure to check out their Wacky Wednesday sale with new markdowns that begin every Wednesday and last through Tuesday on popular K-Cups (those deals are highlighted in red below). They are also having a huge K-Cup Closeout Sale for a limited time with great price drops on a ton of different K-cups!

Be sure to check out their monthly giveaway as well on FOUR boxes of Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-cups (ends 10/31). You also get a 10% off coupon code good on all Fall K-cups when you download the FREE Fall Recipe eBook .

Amazon (AMZ) – For Amazon deals select the “Subscribe & Save” option to get it at the price listed if S&S is available. You can cancel S&S any time after the order ships by going to “Your Account” and clicking on “Manage Subscribe & Save Items.” If you have five subscriptions that arrive on the same month your price will be even lower than what is listed here. For items that are not S&S shipping is free if you get your order above $35 or free 2-day shipping on any size order with Amazon Prime (30 day free trial available).
Best Buy (BST) – Shipping is free on orders of $25+ or free on any size order if you are a Best Buy Elite club member.
Coffee for Less (CFL) – Shipping is free on orders of $45 or more. Get 5% off site-wide with code CFL5OFF (this code is usually ongoing). You can check their clearance section as well for additional savings.
Kohl’s (KHL) – Shipping is free on orders of $75+.
Office Depot (OFD) – Shipping is free on orders of $50+ and many varieties of k-cups have the option for free store pick-up. Get $10 off your $50 purchase with code 54379638 (exp. 10/15). Shipping is free BEFORE you apply a coupon code, so if your order drops to below $50 after you apply a code shipping is still free.
OfficeMax (OFM) – Shipping is free on orders of $50+. For free shipping your order must total $50 AFTER applying any coupon codes, so if your order drops below $50 after entering a coupon code you will not receive free shipping.
Sam’s Club (SAM) – Shipping is a flat rate of around $5 or you can choose free store pickup on many varieties. You must be a member of Sam’s Club in order to purchase anything at Sam’s.
Starbucks (SBX) – Shipping is free on orders of $75 or more.
Staples (STP) – Shipping is free on orders of $29.99+ and free store pickup is available on some items. Shipping is free BEFORE you apply a coupon code, so if your order drops to below $29.99 after applying the code shipping is still free.
Walmart (WLM) – Shipping is free on orders of $50+. The free store pick-up option is sometimes available, so make sure to look for that on any deals that are under $50.

Warning: Grove Square K-cups can ruin your Keurig and will void your warranty. Even though their prices are tempting, I have chosen not to include them in my list since they are “knock-offs” and not authorized by Keurig.

30¢ – 39¢ Per K-Cup:

Note: K-Cup Prices can change at any time.

AMZ – San Francisco Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend – 31¢/K-cup **Hot**
AMZ – San Francisco Bay Coffee Rainforest Blend – 33¢/K-cup
AMZ – San Francisco Bay Coffee Fog Chaser – 33¢/K-cup
AMZ – San Francisco Bay Coffee French Roast – 33¢/K-cup
AMZ – Caza Trail Donut Shop Blend – 33¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
AMZ – Caza Trail Dark Roast – 33¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
AMZ – Caza Trail Hazelnut Blend – 33¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
AMZ – Caza Trail Breakfast Blend – 33¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
AMZ – Caza Trail Coastal Blend – 33¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
**Organic & FT ** AMZ – Caza Trail Organic Sumatra Blend – 36¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
**Organic & FT** AMZ – Caza Trail Organic Extra Bold Medium Roast – 36¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
**Organic & FT** AMZ – Caza Trail Organic Guatemalan Blend – 36¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
**Fair Trade** AMZ – Caza Trail Colombian Fair Trade Blend – 36¢/K-cup after 15% off coupon and S&S
AMZ – Java Factory Da Bomb Extra Bold Double Caffienated – 37¢/K-cup
AMZ – Java Factory Choconut (chocolate + coconut) – 37¢/K-cup
AMZ – Java Factory Vanilla Dream – 37¢/K-cup
AMZ – Java Factory Dark & Handsome Dark Roast – 37¢/K-cup
AMZ – Caza Trail Creamy Hazelnut – 39¢/K-cup
AMZ – *Variety Pack* Java Factory Variety Pack – 39¢/K-cup (awesome price for a variety pack!)
AMZ – Caza Trail Breakfast Blend – 39¢/K-cup
AMZ – Java Factory Wakey Wakey Light Roast – 39¢/K-cup
AMZ – Caza Trail Dark Roast – 39¢/K-cup

40¢ + Per K-Cup:

Note: K-Cup Prices can change at any time.

CFL – *Gingerbread* - Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Light Roast – 40¢/K-cup + free shipping you buy five 24 count boxes and use 5% off coupon above . Tip: Stock up now when price is low for upcoming holidays
CFL – *Spicy Eggnog* - Green Mountain Coffee Spicy Eggnog Light Roast – 40¢/K-cup + free shipping you buy five 24 count boxes and use 5% off coupon above . Tip: Stock up now when price is low for upcoming holidays
AMZ – Mad Monkey Coffee Capsules – 40¢/K-cup – Lazy Delight, Midtown Medium, Swingin’ Bold, and Kick it Decaf
AMZ – San Francisco Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend – 41¢/K-cup
AMZ – Edward’s Breakfast Blend Medium Roast – 41¢/K-cup
CCC - Diedrich Coffee Morning Edition Blend – 42¢/K-cup (exp. 10/28)
AMZ – Caza Trail Purely Green Tea and English Breakfast Black Tea – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – Barrie House French Vanilla – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – Barrie House Guatemala Guaya’b Blend – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – Barrie House Salted Caramel Coffee – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – Barrie House Irish Cream – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – Barrie House Hawaiian Kona Hapa – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – *Organic & FT*Caza Trail Guatelmalan Blend – 42¢/K-Cup
AMZ – *Organic, FT, & Decaf* - Barrie House Organic & Fair Trade Certified Decaf Classic – 42¢/K-Cup
AMZ – Caza Trail Sunrise Black Tea – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – Barrie House Blend Extra Bold – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – *Organic & FT*Caza Trail Sumatra Gayo Mountain – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – Caza Trail Colombian Fair Trade – 42¢/K-Cup
AMZ – Caza Trail Extra Bold Medium Roast – 42¢/K-cup
AMZ – *Organic & FT* San Francisco Bay Coffee Rainforest Blend – 43¢/K-cup
AMZ – Java Factory Smooth Caffeinator Medium Roast – 43¢/K-Cup
CFL – *Pumpkin* - Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice – 44¢/cup + free shipping when you buy five 24-count boxes and use 5% off coupon above  (scroll through until you see them). Tip: Stock up now when price is low for upcoming holidays
AMZ – Caza Trail Herbal Tea – 44¢/K-cup

CCC – K-Cup Closeout Sale – lots of different K-cups on markdown for a limited time including Green Mountain Coffee, Timothy, Gloria Jean’s, and more for 47¢/K-cup
AMZ – Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold – 47¢/K-cup
AMZ – *Organic & FT* Caza Trail Silvery Sky Balance Blend – 47¢/K-cup
CCC – Diedrich Coffee Rio Blend – 42¢/K-cup (thru 9/23)
SAM – Folgers Gourmet Selection Lively Colombian – 48¢/K-cup with free store pickup at many locations
CCC – Diedrich French Roast Blend – 48¢/K-cup
CCC – Diedrich Morning Edition Blend – 48¢/K-cup
CCC – *Decaf* – Diedrich Coffee Morning Decaf Blend – 48¢/K-cup
CCC – **LOTS of Tea** – Several Varieties of Twinings Tea – 48¢/K-cup – Earl Grey, Chai, English Breakfast Tea, Green Tea, and More Including Decaf Blend
AMZ – Angelino’s Cofee Variety Pack, 12 Assorted Flavors – 49¢/K-cup
CCCGreen Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend – 50¢/K-cup (exp. 10/28)

Want a Variety of K-Cups Instead of all of the Same Flavor?

Note: Prices can change at any time.

AMZ – Angelino’s Cofee Variety Pack, 12 Assorted Flavors – 49¢/K-cup
AMZ – Marley Coffee RealCup Organic Variety Pack – 51¢/K-Cup – Clip 20% off coupon and select S&S to get it to that price
CCC – Donut House Collection K-Cup Variety Pack – 52¢/K-Cup with 10% off coupon code when you download free eBook – Donut House original, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Glazed, and Decaf
AMZ – Brown Gold Coffee Capsules Variety Pack – 53¢/K-Cup
AMZ – Brooklyn Beans Variety Pack Coffee K-Cups – 52¢/K-Cup
CCC – Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup Variety Pack – 57¢/K-Cup
AMZ – Hamilton Mills Variety Pack Coffee – 64¢/K-Cup
AMZ – Green Mountain Coffee Flavored Variety Sampler Pack – 60¢/K-Cup Shipped (Includes Wild Mountain Blueberry, Caramel Vanilla Creme, French Vanilla, & Hazelnut)

Want to Brew K-Cups with Your Own Coffee?

Note: Prices can change at any time.

We have a couple reusable cups and they are GREAT to have on hand for when you run out of k-cups or if you don’t want to have to buy decaf k-cups. Here are a couple of great offers you can take advantage of to save BIG on k-cups!

:: Get the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter 3 Piece Set for $7.05
:: Get the Brown Refillable Ekobrew BPA Free for Keurig K-cup Brewers for $6
:: Get TWO Brew & Save BPA Free Refillable Cups for Keurig Brewers for $10.36 ($5.18/ea)
:: Get FIVE Brew & Save BPA Free Refillable Cups for Keurig Brewers for $18 ($3.60/ea)

Need to Organize your K-Cups?

Note: Prices can change at any time.

Store 54 K-Cups with the DecoBros 3 Tier Drawer Storage Holder for $16.87
Store 36 K-Cups with the Mind Reader Coffee Pack Drawer for $19.99 (Ret. $39.99)
Store 27 K-Cups with the DecoBros K-Cup Carousel Organizer for $15.87
Store 24 K-Cups out of the way with this Under-Cabinet K-Cup Holder for $29.95
Store 30 K-Cups with the DecoBros Crystal Glass Storage Drawer for $16.99 (Ret. $29.99) We have one of these and it’s worked out great for us (it’s the one pictured below)

Keep in mind these are online prices and can vary from one minute to the next. We can make no guarantee that prices listed will be the same as when these offers were originally posted. These offers are updated weekly (typically on Mondays), so be sure to check back for an updated list of K-Cup deals. You can always find this post quickly by clicking on “Coffee/K-Cup Deals” in the Top Deals section on the navigation bar at the top of the page or simply by bookmarking this page. You can also sign up for the STS K-Cups Best Prices newsletter and like us on Facebook to get these deals delivered straight to your inbox or news feed!

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  1. Oh I LOVE the ekobrew cup! MUCH better than the k-cup reusable one that Keurig sells for about $8 more.

    Thanks for the prices. These help for one I feel a little splurge come on. Also, Bed Bath And Beyond has them for $11.99 for all the 18 ct. use their coupons for those. Last time I was in BB&B they had a very large selection of flavors/brands

  2. Staples has some K-cups that come in bigger packages for $12.99 for 22 or 24 cups depending on flavor. I’ve gotten a sale that if you bought one then you got a pack free but it had to be the same flavor. Also they have the rewards money so I used some of those to pay for the coffee….make it even cheaper! Use item number 707197 the Green Mountain French Vanilla to get to the bigger packs. I sometimes can’t find them otherwise on the site if I type in k-cups or other search suggestions.

  3. Heather Frederick says:

    This is very wonderful that you do this! Thank you for taking the time to do this!! :-)

  4. Yes, Staples is the place I go and you can get $25 off $75 Coupons at the site….www.oh-k-cups.com for only 5.00. Even paying them for the coupons,  the K cups are only 40 Cents each. I actually bought them for the “Instructions” which cost 10.00 and I got a coupon with it. but it was worth it. I got a list of 50 or more 24 count boxes Staples carries that were not on the site..they even have Wolfgang Puck, Caramel Creme, FAV FAV FAVorite….so far, with free next day delivery, it is the best price around.

  5. Maureen Carlson says:

    My office depot had a large selection of green mountain and Starbucks for 50% off

  6. Walbaums has the 12 pk Folgers ( including the colombian , my fav. ) for $5.99 !

  7. Great lead on the GM breakfast blend kcups at Staples! Best price I have paid in years for kcups.

  8. Thanks a million!

  9. FYI. Starting today, Sam’s Club has instant savings of $5 off 80-count boxes of Newman’s own $30.32 in store after coupon ($.38 ea); Donut House $30.32 in store after coupon ($.38 ea); and Caribou $34.98 in store after coupon ($.44 ea). Savings good through 11/27/13. These are instant savings with no actual coupon required. Limit 5 per membership.

  10. You can buy “San Fransisco Bay” brand K Cups on Amazon …. 80 cups, for $29.97… that is just over 37c each.

  11. Trader Joe’s is [finally] selling K cups (their brand) at a regular price of 43 cents each.


  12. Great info in kcups

  13. Anonymous says:

    Woah this web site is extremely good!

  14. If you buy these through amazon´s subscribe and save, they are 32 cents each.

  15. I looked every where in my info for Kerig maker that there is a warning for Square Grove. I could not find anywhere that it said it would void the warranty! So I would be curious to where you got your information.

  16. It´s the Caza Trail Breakfast Blend that´s 34¢/cup shipped and it has awesome reviews too.

  17. Question! I just got a Keurig Vue. I LOVE that it can brew up to 18oz with one “k-cup” and I love that I can choose strong or regular strength coffee. BUT, I hate that it doesn´t use the regular sized K-cups! They are fatter and shorter. Do you know of a place to get deals on those kinds? I don´t want to return my Vue, but if i can´t get the same kinds of coffee for the same-ish price, then I might have to. :/

  18. Thanks for this list for K-Cup coffee/tea customers … looking for alternatives as I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the price of San Francisco Bay K-Cups on Amazon this past week … very helpful to have it listed as price per K-Cup including shipping, as well as other coupons/promo codes to get the best deal.

  19. Also the Wacky Wednesday deals on the Diedrich Rio Blend and Tully´s Hawaiian Blend end tomorrow 4/1 (those are highlighted in red).

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