Jul 10, 2013

Are Front Load Washing Machines Worth It?


Are Front Load Washing Machines Worth It?

Finding the right washer and dryer can be an overwhelming task, but the best thing that you can do is to do as much research as you can ahead of time.  Many people have switched over to front load washing machines which typically come with a higher price tag, but are front load washing machines worth it?

The only way to know is to ask, so we asked our awesome Surviving The Stores Facebook fans and here’s what some of them had to say:

I found that the front loaders break easier and are more difficult to repair. Also a lot of them don’t spin all that stinky stagnant water. I swear by the old fashion top loaders!  ~Allison

I got a top-load HE washing machine and I love it. Did a lot of research before buying and undesirable attributes about front loading ones, like mold growth because the door is air tight and traps all the moisture when it’s closed. Some said you could just leave the door open but who wants to make sure they leave the door open all the time? ~Layne

I’ve had one for at least 12 years and love it. Saves time, soap, water and cleans much better. I have never had a problem with the machine (knock on wood). And I love how much easier it is to load and unload the washer and dryer since the doors are next to each other. Biggest plus is our clothes last so much longer. No mildew smell ever. ~Joanne

I have a Whirlpool Duet and like it very much. I’ve never had any problem with smell. I leave the door opened to dry out when I finish my wash. I use much less detergent etc… I love that it is easy to wash bulky items in. I have used a front loader for eight years. ~Sarah

The smell that may occur in your front loader is most often due to the mold growing on a detergent enzyme that is left behind in the washing drum. This enzyme is found in the liquid detergents…and is not rinsed away completely. Most commonly this problem arises when you are using too much detergent, as part of the ‘high efficiency’ comes from using 3-5 gallons of water per load (instead of 30-50gal per load). This means, just as the quantity of water is reduced ten-fold, so should the quantity of detergent be reduced. You only need to use 1-2 Tbsp of HE detergent per load. After learning this, I ran a ‘clean’ cycle on my washer using vinegar, and have since had no problems with odor. The amount of water I save, and cost in detergent…I would never trade in my front load!! ~Brynn

I love mine I have mine since Aug. 2005 and for that smell all you have to do is get the cleaning soap for the front loading washers you can get them at Target. My washer and dryer was well worth the money I spent. ~Laura

Had one for the last 13 years, just replaced it w/ a HE top loader, I hated how mildewy smells would develop so quickly with the front loader, but it was still a good washer, just didn’t want another… ~Katrina

I love love love my front loader and would never go back to a top loader. I have Kenmore elite 3 that I bought 9 years ago and have never had a problem with it! I also don’t have a problem with it smelling I do leave the door barely cracked once in awhile. Its big so it holds up to a king size comforter which I love because it can do more laundry in less loads with a lot less water than a top load. Also I can wash anything in it with no damage since there is no agitator. I love it and would just make the investment in a larger capacity one. ~Anastasia

I personally LOVE my front-load washing machine (we have an LG), but I do have to clean the small drain area at the front of the washing machine pretty regularly or it gets yucky.

What do you think?  Do you think a front-load washing machine is worth the extra cost?

You can also check out the reviews on Amazon for all of the different brands of front load washing machines!

If your are having washing machine odor problems, then I have heard that these work well:

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  1. I love my front loader.

  2. Hate mine and would never buy one again!

  3. I bought Bosch front loader washing machine and dryer because I was completely in love with how they looked and how they were supposed to perform. Boy was i wrong!! they were sooo awful! they dont clean your clothes well, they take forever to wash and dry and they smell musty even if i clean it and leave the washer door open! Now, 2 years later I just bought a set of a new washer and dryer. The washer is top loading. I absolutely love the regular old washer!! I´d never buy front loaders again!

  4. I love my front loader and have no issues with smell!

  5. front loaders are only supposed to be placed on ground floors (i.e. over concrete foundation) because of the shaking. I have an HE top loader by LG and I really like it. I´ve used my mom´s front loader but I prefer the top load.

  6. I love my HE top loader by LG. I heard the complaints on the front loaders but wanted HE so that made my decision. I leave the top open in between so that it airs out (and because it is top loading, it doesn´t get in the way to have it open)

  7. Do they make top loaders that do not have the agitator in the middle? Was thinking of getting a front loader for this reason. It´s near impossible to wash anything large( comforters etc) in my top lader

  8. I had one for 10 years. Then we moved into a new house and i got a new one. Then after saving up for a couple of years i got a set for the kids laundry room upstairs. Out of the 3 different washers and 16 years i have never had issues with the vibration or the smell.

  9. Love my front loader. Have never had a problem with clothes smelling and I think they are cleaner. Most people that complain about the smell are using too much detergent. Use the guidelines from your washer not the detergent mfg!

  10. I´ve never had a front loader, but because everyone I have known to have one, including my mom, the clothes stunk and never smelt as fresh as when they were washed in a top load.

  11. I´ve heard that they supposedly clean better, but I like to leave the lid opened and soak the clothes sometimes. So, no..I wouldn´t want a front loader.

  12. Yes. Laura. They have top loader without the agitator…I believe aunt donnas new one is. I wouldn´t go back to an agitator machine. My machine cleans clothes so much better and saves on water in end too.

  13. I bought a top loader without the agitator and love love love it. I read up a lot on front loaders and there were some things I didn´t like so we bought the top loader. A couple of things that aren´t so great about them that I am now learning are that I would need a step stool to be able to get my clothes out of the washer if I was 8 months pregnant. Granted this is one of the larger washers and i am 5´4″. The other problem that if you really like the storage shelves that go under the washer you will have to pass with the larger top loaders. other that that. I have fewer loads. I can pause the washer and add laundry. love it!

  14. I had my first front loader for 7 years and it was great! It just died so I replaced it with the same one, newer model, and it does have a musty smell, but it doesn´t transfer to the clothes. I´m short so I prefer the front loaders plus you can fit more stuff in them!

  15. I have always had a top load washer, until about a year ago. My husband bought a front load washing machine before we were married and I love it!

    I had issues with smelly clothes in the beginning because I didn’t know to use less detergent. Now I do, and I haven’t had any issues. We also have a stacking set, and I love that it takes so much less space and it’s easy to get the clothes in and out. No vibration issues either.

    I’d never get anything but a front load washer again.

  16. Jill Thompson says:

    We purchased a front-loading Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer combo at my husband’s insistence when our top-loader quite working a few years ago. Last year the washer quit working and when I researched online the error code it was giving, discovered it was a very common problem with these washing machines where one of 3 boards go out in the control section. We contacted the store we bought it from and they said it would be around $300 plus labor to replace the board they THOUGHT it was. It was possible it could be one of 2 others which were equally expensive. I was very disappointed in having spent so much money in the first place for a machine that only lasted a few years. I put my foot down this time and looked for as simple a top-loading washer as I could find with adequate functions for our needs. The front-loading dryer is still working well, knock on wood, so we have a lopsided setup right now, lol.

  17. I had a top loading HE washer for 4 years. During that time I had to have it repaired for major reasons 3 different times. Thankfully the warranty covered the cost. The last time it stopped working it was going to cost $225 to repair. We made the decision to go to our local appliance store and replace it with a used machine for $175. Besides the inconvenience of having to get it repaired I was never impressed with how it cleaned. With dark clothes I always had to do a second rinse. Often times I would put the clothes in as directed and the top few pieces never even got wet. I am so happy with our used machine. My clothes get wet and cleaned and they smell good too.

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