Feb 3, 2014

20 Ways to Use Thieves Oil


20 Different Ways To Use Thieves Essential Oil Blend!

Have you heard of “Thieves” oil? I use thieves oil all of the time, so I wanted to share with you several of the ways that it can be used.

The name “Thieves oil” comes from the story of the thieves who robbed the victims of the Black Plague back in the 1700s (um, or the 1400s, depending on which story you read).

The basic story goes like this…

…a group of thieves during a European plague outbreak were robbing the dead or the sick. When they were caught, they offered to exchange their secret recipe, which had allowed them to commit the robberies without catching the disease, in exchange for leniency. (Wikipedia)

There are many many different variations of the story, but they all seem to agree that the thieves were originally merchants and spice traders who ended up resorting to thievery when the plague hit and the kings of the various countries sent out a mandate closing down international commerce and shipping.

Just as there are many variations to the story, there are also many different recipes for the spices that they used to ward off the Black Plague.

Using the history books and what we know about essential oils, the oil company that I buy my oils from (Young Living) has created a blend of oils that they believe would provide the same type of protection today.

I’m also sharing several personal stories in the different points below, so you’ll get to see exactly how Thieves oil has helped our family save money!

Thieves oil is made up of clove oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus radiata oil, and cinnamon bark oil.

If you use Thieves oil on your skin, then you will want to dilute it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Cinnamon and clove oils are considered “hot” oils which means that they can cause a redness and burning sensation on the skin if they are applied directly. Also, remember that a little bit goes a LONG way!  You only need to use a drop or two.

Thieves oil is also inexpensive for the potency of just one drop. The retail price is $44.31 and the wholesale price (anyone can become a wholesale member with the purchase of a starter kit) is just $33.75 for a 15 mL bottle. A 15 mL bottle has approximately 250 drops, so for a wholesale member that comes out to just 13.5 CENTS per drop!

Also, as you read this list, keep in mind that any time I refer to using the oils myself I’m talking specifically about Young Living Thieves Oil.

When deciding on a company to buy essential oils from (ESPECIALLY if you are going to be using them internally or topically) I highly recommend asking the questions in this post here.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please confirm any information obtained from or through this web site with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on this website.

How to use thieves oil to make your own hand sanitizer!

1. Hand Sanitizer. You can make your own hand sanitizer using thieves oil!

How to use Thieves oil to clear up chest congestion!

2. Congestion Relief.  Thieves oil can be diffused (this is the diffuser that I have, but you get a really nice one with an essential oils starter kit) into the air or rubbed directly on the chest with a carrier oil to help with chest congestion.

How to use thieves oil to keep laundry smelling fresh!

3.  Laundry.  Add a few few drops to your laundry (and cloth diapers loads!) to help keep them sanitized. Whenever one of the kids gets a stomach bug (a couple of them are still too little to swallow activated charcoal) then I wash sheets and clothes with a few drops of Thieves oil.

Use Thieves oil in the dishwasher clean dishes without chemicals!

4.  Cleaner dishes.  Add a few drops to your homemade dishwasher detergent for extra clean, chemical-free dishes.

Use Thieves oil to fight germs in the air!

5.  Fight Germs In The Aid: Diffuse in your home, office, classroom, or wherever you need to ward off germs. (Diffusing Thieves can kill up to 99.6% of the germs in the air!)

Thieves oil in the diffuser is a constant in our home during flu seasons!

How to use Thieves oil as a bathroom cleaner!

6.  Bathtub Cleanser:  Mix a few drops of thieves oil in with your baking soda and clean the tub in no time! (Did you know that you can clean your entire house with just 4 ingredients?)

How to use Thieves oil to knock out a headache!

7.  Sinus Headaches:  Breathe in and/or apply (remember to mix it with a carrier oil first!) to the back of the neck, forehead, and temples to help sinus headaches.

How to use Thieves oil to relieve a cough!

8.  Cough Relief:  Mix a few drops with honey and take for a persistent cough. (Remember, no honey for kiddos under a year of age.)

You can also make a “Thieves Tea” as a cough remedy by doing the following:

1 mug of hot water (8 oz)
1 drop of Thieves Essential Oil Blend
2-3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
Honey to taste (I prefer Manuka Honey but raw local honey is good too)

Use Thieves in your carpet cleaner to sanitize!

9.  Carpet Cleaner:  Add a couple of drops of Thieves oil to your homemade carpet cleaner to kill germs that have found a resting place in your carpet.

Use Thieves oil to make your own homemade hand soap!

10.  Hand Soap:  Make your own hand soap by combining 8-10 drops of Thieves oil, water, and Dr. Bronner’s soap. Put it all in a foaming handsoap dispenser.


11.  Maintain Healthy Teeth:  You can add a drop or two of Thieves oil to your homemade toothpaste (coconut oil + baking soda + xylitol) to help reduce cavities and trips to the dentist.

Use Thieves oil to help relieve a toothache!

12.  Toothache Relief:  About a month after I got my essential oil starter kit Ryan told me that his tooth was hurting. I had him take a q-tip and put a drop of Thieves oil on it and apply it to the area that was hurting. It stopped hurting RIGHT AWAY! Still check with your dentist, but at least it can help to relieve some of the pain.

Use thieves oil to take the sting out of a bee sting!

13.  Bee Sting Relief:  Thieves will zap the ouchiness out of a sting and help it heal faster by applying it to the infected area. You can also use it for wasp & hornet stings too.

Use Thieves oil to help heal a sore throat!

14. Sore Throat Relief:  Thieves is the first thing I grab when I feel a sore throat coming on. I put a few drops in a capsule and swallow it, but you could just mix a drop with a Tablespoon of water and gargle.

How to use Thieves oil to zap blemishes!

15.  Zit Zapper:  Mix a drop of Thieves oil with a little olive oil and place on blemishes.

How to use Thieves oil to get rid of warts!

16.  Warts:  Apply Thieves oil topically to get rid of warts!

Use Thieves oil for cleaner floors!

17.  Cleaner Floors:  Add a few drops of Thieves oil to your floor cleaner (I use Thieves cleaner in my homemade Swiffer Wetjet solution.)

How to use Thieves oil to get rid of mold!

18.  Mold Prevention & Removal:  Want to know what we used to kill the mold & mildew after our refrigerator and freezer had been in storage for over a month when we moved last summer? THIEVES!! It completely got rid of the mold!

Use Thieves oil to repel ants!

19.  Ant Repellent:  At our last house we had a problem with ants getting into the house. I started using Thieves oil (and Thieves cleaner) and it kept them away! I bet cinnamon oil alone would do the same since ants hate cinnamon.

Use Thieves oil for cold and flu prevention!

20.  Cold and Flu Protection:  The first thing we do when our family gets home from being out and about during cold and flu season is to apply a drop of Thieves oil to the bottom of our feet (we apply there because I don’t need to dilute it when it’s applied to the bottom of the feet – I guess because the skin is thicker?) We’ve been flu-free this year so far, but part of that could also be because we’re grain-free too.

That one bottle of Thieves oil can be used a LOT of different ways!

Want to get some of your own?   Follow this link!  —>  How to Use Essential Oils and Where to Buy Them

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  1. I am so glad you are getting the word out about Thieves EO! I am a Young Living Distributor and I have used every brand of essential oils out there and there is no comparison. This last summer I had the privilege of taking my niece and nephew to Young Living as Family Farm in Mona, Utah and it was breathtaking!
    In the interest of sharing, I wanted to let you know that I take one drop of Thieves Oil under my tongue every night before retiring. If I feel I need it, I take it in the morning, too. This method of ingestion gets some getting used to, but it is the best and quickest way to get the oils into the bloodstream. I am midway through winter #2 using it this method and I have not had a cold or any flu! My husband won’t take it and he has been sick 4 times! That proves to me Thieves works, especially since we sleep in the same bed when he is sick and I still don’t get sick!
    Your wesite/newsletter is awesome and you have helped me save a lot of money! Thank you!

    • That’s awesome Charlisa!!

      Yep, I got a sore throat a couple of times over the winter and put a drop of Thieves on it right away. I kid you not my sore throat stopped being sore IMMEDIATELY. And the soreness didn’t come back!

      I am so blown away by Young Living oils!

      And thanks so much for the kind words! I love hearing stories form people on how STS has helped them save! :)

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