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Homemade Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipe!

How to make whipped body butter with coconut oil

You guys probably know by now that I am a HUGE fan of Coconut Oil. I use it in my homemade tortillas [3], as a deodorant [4], to pop popcorn, in baking, and as a moisturizer [5].

For those who may not be familiar with coconut oil, it changes consistency based on the temperature. So if the temp in the house (or the pantry) is BELOW 76 degrees then the coconut oil will remain solid. If it’s HIGHER than 76 degrees it starts to turn into a liquid. Even here in Texas our coconut oil is fine most of the year. We keep the temperature during the fall, winter, and spring in our house at a place where my coconut oil is either completely hard, or just soft enough to be able to scoop it out easily (when it’s hard you can just put it in some warm water for a minute or so).

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But then summer comes around. And it is HOT here in Texas. First off, we don’t want our electricity bill to be through the roof, so we don’t turn the air way down during the day (it stays on 78). And secondly, even if we did turn it down it probably wouldn’t get down below 77 in the house because it is just SO HOT OUTSIDE and the air conditioner would be running constantly just to get it down below 78!

And what happens? My nice white jar of coconut oil turns into a pool of liquid. Which is actually great for baking, but not so great for using it as a skin moisturizer. I mean… it WORKS as a moisturizer when it’s a liquid, but it’s just a lot easier to put on your skin when it’s in a firmer state.

So, what should us southerners do?

Whip it!! You know, the same way that you would make whipped cream [7]? Just like cream stays at a better consistency to spread when it’s whipped – SO DOES COCONUT OIL! Who knew?!

NOTE: This will likely NOT work with the Louanna brand of coconut oil.  This is the brand we typically use and have had good results with it.  The oil also needs to be solid for it to whip.

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Coconut Oil Body Butter

  • Author: Surviving The Stores


Make homemade WHIPPED body butter with just two ingredients!


Coconut oil [8] (*not* the runny kind)

Essential oils [9]


Put the hardened coconut oil in your mixer with the whipping attachment.

Mix at the highest setting for about 10 minutes (or until it is whipped very very well).

Towards the end of the process, add in your 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils.

That’s it!

Now keep in mind that your skin is typically 98.6 degrees.  So as soon as that coconut oil comes into contact with your skin (no matter what state it’s in) it will turn to liquid very quickly.  But this process makes it SO much easier to put on in the summer.  And you still get the benefit of using a moisturizer where you know every single ingredient that goes into it!  🙂

It has been WONDERFUL for my dry & cracked heels on my feet (anyone else get dry heels during the summer?) I just apply this every night before bed and my heels are nice and smooth again.  I’ve also just started putting it every night on my knees to get rid of those darker/rougher patches and they have already started to clear up.

I just have the mixture in a little mason jar by my bed and it stays perfectly creamy and smooth all the time.

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