Apr 27, 2010

What to do if your Catalina/Register Reward doesn’t print


I get this question A LOT, so I figured that it might be time to turn the answer into a post.

We’ve all had it happen to us, I’m sure. We KNOW that we have bought the item or items that we were supposed to buy, and we KNOW that there is a promotion going on, but that little piece of paper (called a Catalina Coupon) doesn’t print from the machine that it’s supposed to come out of.
Catalina Coupon

If you know that you bought the right items and that your coupon or Register Reward (if you’re shopping at Walgreens) was supposed to print but it didn’t, you have a couple of options:

The first (and the easiest) thing to do if it was an advertised promotion is talk to the manager or to customer service. Explain to them that you were expecting the Register Reward or Catalina Coupon to print, but it didn’t. Show them your receipt and show them where the promotion was advertised (either the sales flyer or next to the product on the shelf). Most of the time they will give you a hand-written coupon or a catalina coupon that they had behind the register (or sometimes even cash back) if you can prove that you were supposed to receive one. Keep in mind that this will likely only work if it was an advertised promotion.

Your second option is calling or emailing the Catalina company. If the Catalina or Register Reward promotion wasn’t advertised, or if you have trouble convincing the store’s Customer Service that you should receive the coupon (we’ve all been there!), then this will be what you need to do. Catalina Marketing is the company that is in charge of all of these promotions. You can call them at 1-888-8COUPON (option 3) and give them your receipt info, or you can use their Online Contact Form. If you can’t get your coupon from the store, then they are the only ones who can help you.  They will have you send in your receipt to verify that you made the correct purchase, and then they will mail you your Catalina!

I hope that helps to answer some of your questions about Register Rewards and Catalina Coupons!  Please leave a comment below if you have any additional questions or comments about this issue.

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  1. You can also simply ask the cashier to check and make sure there is paper in the machine. That has happened to me before and the machine just needed more paper. 🙂

    • @Kari, Yeah, my Walgreens has given me all types of excuses as to why the Register Reward didn’t print. I usually will ask them to void the transaction and try on a different register… usually works great! 🙂

  2. This just happened to me tonight! My Walgreens now has a sign up by the register stating that if you use a RR on an item that is supposed to give you a RR the catalina may not print it.

    I’ve also heard that since the RR are manf. coupons, you can’t use the RR on an item produced by the same manf. and still get the RR. For instance, if you use a RR from manf. Procter & Gamble on another item manf. by P&G, the catalina won’t print the RR advertised. Basically, you can’t use a RR Manf. coupon and get a RR manf. coupon from the same company.

    I hope this make sense. It’s hard to explain without it sounding confusing!

  3. The classic excuse is “You can’t use a coupon on a register reward deal”. That one just cracks me up!

  4. We are new to this, and last week my hubby went to Walgreens with his list of deals and a previous weeks RR’s and was told by the manager that he had too many coupons. I had no more that one or two coupons per item( manufac. and/or store coupon) and he gave them all back to my hubby except for 2 coupons, which he let him use. We were supposed to get back about $9 in RR’s for the deals and we got NONE back. My hubby only noticed when I asked him where they were when he got home. It’s so frustrating! I did alot of work on those deals. I almost feel like giving up on Walgreens RR deals altogether. I wonder if calling the catalina # you provided could help me? I wanted to call the store but wondered how you could prove NOT getting something?

  5. Okay, I work for Walgreens, and maybe I can help here. First off, the Catalina’s, RR’s, etc, are an ‘Instant Rebate’ from the manfacturer, not the store. Like any other promotion, these are meant to promote a certain item to a LOT of people. Not just the elite few that have access to 20 or 30 coupons. I am a couponer, and I understand how you feel, and if the store can help, they will. But it’s not fair to the company promoting the item, OR to the other customers who would like to take advantage of the promotion for one or two serious couponers to wipe the shelves. Our ads break on Sunday, and we don’t get a truck until Friday, so what happens the rest of the week? Many, many unhappy customers. If you plan to buy a lot of any given item on promotion, please see a manager or the store’s Inventory Co-Ordinator, at least two weeks in advance, and see if they will order extra for you. Most of the time, they will be happy to. But please understand, that we make no profit at all on these sales. We buy a certain amount of product at a special price, just for that partcular promotion. The manufacturer only makes a certain amount available at that price. As far as making good on the RR’s that don’t print, most stores will do so, but they are doing it as a courtesy to the customer. We want you to be satisfied, but we want the same for ALL of our patrons. Thanks for letting me have my say! As for ‘too many coupons’, you must have at least one item for each coupon used, and that includes RR’s.

  6. The only time that I have had this problem before was when Meijer had the buy 5 Quaker products get a coupon for free Tropicana on your next trip. What caused the problem was I had two new varieties of the True Delights oatmeal that it wasn’t reading as satisfying the purchase requirement. I got a hand written one without an issue.

  7. Betty said:
    “But please understand, that we make no profit at all on these sales. We buy a certain amount of product at a special price, just for that partcular promotion”
    Sorry, Betty, put I’m not buying swamp land in North Dakota. Of course Wags makes a profit…how do you think you get paid? Items put on sale are already carried by Wags and are on their shelves. If they order more product for a particular manf promotion, they are still making a profit, you can be sure. They aren’t a charity.
    Using coupons is the same as paying cash as well, because the store gets reimbursed by the manf. Many cashiers act as if you are somehow stealing from the store. Far from it. Coupons INCREASE sales at a store, and therefore, their profits. Cashiers should be happy to see coupons used – it helps them get their paycheck.

    But again as for the promos, except for the rare true lost leader, you can be sure Wags is making a decent profit. That is what they are in business for.

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