Nov 21, 2013

BEST Survey Companies For Earning Extra Money!!


Earn Money Through Survey Companies

Online survey sites are a fun way to earn some extra money from home. You won’t get rich or be able to quit your job and work from home doing survey, but survey income can add up to a nice chunk of change by the end of the year!!

When you sign up for several companies, then by the end of the year you can have a nice little stash of cash, Amazon credits, and Paypal deposits that can really help with those holiday expenses!

All of the survey companies below are known to be reputable survey companies. You should *NEVER* pay to join a survey company!! If anything they should pay YOU to join, like Inbox Dollars does. 🙂

Remember: It’s a good idea to create a separate email account for the purpose of signing up for deals, survey sites, and word-of-mouth marketing sites so your personal email account doesn’t become so jumbled that you miss out on important emails and great deals!

  • Inbox DollarsFREE $5 Sign up Bonus – I actually haven’t used this one myself, so I asked you guys what your thoughts were on this company. The consensus seems to be that although it takes time to get to the $30 threshold where you can cash out, it is easy and worthwhile. You earn your money by taking surveys, opening emails, searching the web, etc. Right now they are offering a FREE $5 sign-up bonus, so it’s worth a try, right?!?
  • Pinecone Research is the only survey site I still use on a regular basis. They email you surveys and you will ALWAYS qualify for them. Some surveys even result in a FREE product being sent to your home to test. Each survey earns $3 and is deposited into your paypal account. They are not always accepting new applications, but they are right now!! Once you are in, you stay in until you don’t respond to 3 consecutive invitations. To get paid in cash, just log in and go to “redeem points”. On the bottom left hand menu choose “featured rewards” then choose the cash option. Right now they are accepting applications in these four categories: Male, Age 18-24, Hispanic, or African American
  • Opinion Outpost is one of the easier survey sites to cash out from.  You can use points earned by taking surveys for Amazon gift cards, Citibank gift cards, or a check by mail.
  • Toluna Surveys – Get rewarded in cash, gift vouchers, or other prizes prizes by taking surveys.

If you sign up with these companies, you will have plenty of surveys waiting for you in your in-box…and a chance to make a little $$$ on your down-time.  Have fun 😉

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  1. Sarah Grunblatt says:

    what about secret shopping. i really want to do that!

  2. AnikaHughes says:

    Sarah, you should go to and they provide a list of mystery shop companies.

  3. Debby Rosen Wittenmyer says:

    We just got the NCP scanner in the mail last Thursday. The kids are having fun scanning everything we buy. Can’t wait to see what we can earn.

  4. Anika Hughes says:

    A couple other good ones are Mysurvey and MyView. I got to do a project with MyView where I got over 100,000 points. I got a lot of gift cards with that!

  5. Surviving The Stores says:

    Wow Anika! Just ONE project with that many points? That’s awesome!! How many hours do you think that project took?

  6. Carrie Dean Brown says:

    Do you actually make enough to make it worth the time you spend? (I’m looking for a work-from-home situation.) Thanks! 🙂

  7. Surviving The Stores says:

    Carrie – It’s more of a “coffee budget” or a “saving all year for Christmas presents” thing than something that really could be an extra income. If you are looking for work from home type jobs I would use this as an addition, but definitely not enough to be a true extra income.

  8. Andrea Kerwin says:

    How safe are these to do? I have concerns with giving so much personal information over the internet.

  9. Surviving The Stores says:

    Andrea- I totally agree, it is almost impossible to tell sometimes whether something online is legit or not…but these are all companies I have used myself. None of these sites should ever ask for any personal info i.e. credit card, etc!

  10. I have been using MyPoints for years and have earned a ton of gift cards. What I like about it is that you don’t have to do or buy anything (unless you want to). The cards come in handy to give as gifts or to buy Christmas gifts with. I would love to share an invite if anyone is interested ! 

  11. Joyce Burgin says:

    Pinecone is my favorite too 🙂

  12. Erin Bracewell says:

    yay page not found

  13. Sara Munoz Munoz says:

    The pinecone link doesn’t work. It takes me to a page with 3 questions- but the questions are not there, only the answers!

  14. Surviving The Stores says:

    That’s weird, Sara Munoz Munoz- the pinecone link is working for me…I had no trouble with Chrome, maybe try that if you haven’t already!

  15. DeAnna Waterstraat says:

    I love this idea!! The last time I saw this posted on the site I went ahead and signed up with Opinion Outpost. The only problem is that it seems like it will take for-ev-er to make any money at it. The surveys only give you an average of 10 pts and take 20 minutes to complete. When I checked how many points it took to get the minimum gift card it said a THOUSAND 🙁 Any suggestions?

  16. Surviving The Stores says:

    DeAnna – the surveys with low point values are probably just the “screener” portion of the survey where they decide whether or not you are the type of person they are looking for. Now, if you are selected to take the FULL survey, the point values are much higher. It can be frustrating to take so many surveys and never get past the screener portion, but if you stick with it, you might be surprised that you are receiving more surveys and your points are collecting faster. You may want to join a few different companies and see if you like one better than the other. My favorite is Pinecone research…but you may have a different opinion! Good Luck!

  17. Mary O Herrera says:

    got to check it out

  18. I use inboxdollars and my points. Love them both. I am so close to getting the $30. It does take about a year if you dont buy anything but hey for clicking links I will eventually get $30. My points i just cashed in my points for a $25 dollar gift card for childrens place. I just wait for free shipping and sales and I get free kids clothes. Swagbucks is a cool site similar to mypoints. I have gotten toys for my son and a $10 dollar gift card just for entering codes they post on facebook. Oh and smiley360 isnt really a survey site but they send you full size products to try and free coupons. I have gotten free soy sauce, free knorr chicken stock and free toothpaste all in the past year.

  19. I’ve signed up for a couple of these to try them out. My main website I use is swagbucks. LOVE it! In the two years I’ve used it I have gotten $145 in gift cards and almost have enough swagbucks for another $25 gift card, but I’m saving up for a $50 card.

  20. I just joined and am already eligible for a payout to my paypal 🙂 it´s not much but it´ll buy a dinner for two.

  21. I´m relatively new to Pinecone Research. How do you get paid money? I´ve been awarded points that are redeemable for products from their catalogue, but I see no option to be paid cash.

  22. Ugh! I never qualify

  23. Emily, log in go to redeem points. On the bottom left hand menu choose featured rewards, then choose cash option. Hope that helps 🙂

  24. Didn´t qualify

  25. I tried to sign up for PineCone and it said it didnt need anyone with my household makeup and declined my registration 🙁

    But as for mystery shop companies, I use one on a regular basis. You can sign up here:

    I have been doing it for 5 years and avg about $600 per year but the best part is free food(I do the McDs, 5 Guys, Panda Express, Panera Bread shops…but there are others you can do. You cna make more then that, but it requires you to eat fast food more often which I am not willing to do. 🙂

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  2. Derrick says:

    I have used several of these for years and have made lots of extra fun money doing them.