Feb 19, 2013

Surviving The Stores Toolbar – Available for Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer!


Have you installed the Surviving The Stores Toolbar in your internet browser yet?  It’s an easy way to find the latest posts as well as have quick links for  the Restaurant Coupons Database and the Retail Coupons Database!

The toolbar is available on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and my FAVORITE web browser… Google Chrome! If you’re not using Google Chrome then, in my opinion, you are missing out. Or, maybe everyone doesn’t have 40 tabs open at the same time in their browser? 😉 Chrome is the only browser that will let me do that without crashing!

My 10 year old daughter looked at my laptop one day and said, “Mom, you only have 30 tabs open!”  Yeah, that’s when I allowed myself to admit that I had a tab problem.

To see a preview of the toolbar and download it to your internet browser (Chrome, IE, or FF) then head over to the Surviving The Stores Toolbar download page!

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  1. Rustell LoManto says:

    Ha! Me too. Closing tabs is overrated!

  2. Amanda Jones Monroe says:

    my husband cringes everytime he looks at my screen

  3. Kristen Watkins says:

    I may have a tabbing problem too. Lol.

  4. Karen Black says:

    lol– 31 tabs open at this very moment. :)

  5. Laura Letz says:

    Ladies, that’s a TAB bit ridiculous 😉

  6. Rebecca Ph says:

    Yep yep I may need one of those 38 tabs in a minute!! Love Google Chrome!! So glad I am not the only one!!

  7. Kimberly Connelly says:

    Hmm I usually only have 20 tabs with FF

  8. Kimberly Connelly says:

    control +click.. allows you to tab like a mother trucker

  9. LOL Kimberly! I love that it’s *only* 20 tabs. 😉

  10. Kimberly Connelly says:

    I also get the drive by.. do you know how much memory that takes!! No I don’t… click click click click

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