Sep 27, 2012

Reader Question: Are there any State Fair of Texas 2012 Deals & Discounts?


(Photo Credit: Pegasus News)

I realize this is not a Texas specific website – our goal is to bring the best deals, coupons, and money-saving articles and tips to readers all across the good ol’ USA (this is Ryan btw – howdy y’all). But we had a question from Nicole over on the Surviving The Store Facebook page about deals and discounts for the 2012 State Fair of Texas opening up tomorrow (9/28) and decided to go ahead and answer it on the home page of STS. Why, you ask? (or don’t ask?) Because it provides me the opportunity to write about the most ridiculous food ever conceived by the mind of man, which also happens to be one of the main attractions of the State Fair of Texas.

Really, it gets downright ridiculous.

If you have any doubt about my previous statement, let’s check out some of the foods they have offered in the recent past:

  • Fried Buffalo Chicken Flapjacks – Fried, spicy pancakes? I’m thinking palette identity crisis
  • Fried Beer – yes, Fried BEER.
  • Fried Texas Salsa – Correctly named – where else would you get fried salsa?
  • Fried Butter – How about taking a big ol’ bite of that one!
  • And last but certainly not the least confusing: Fried Bubblegum.

And this year? Would you like make a guess on what exactly that picture above is?

Fried Cactus.

Really, if I could draw a cultural comparison, I think Woodstock could only compare to the vast exploratory depths to which the State Fair of Texas goes year after year in pushing beyond the traditional limits of fried cuisine. But what else, you ask, is on the menu for this year?

Fried Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. (don’t feel bad, it took me a minute or so to wrap my head around that one too)

And of course we can’t forget Fried Samoa Girl Scout Cookies (why didn’t they fry Thin Mints?!!)

Now that we’ve all achieved a higher level of personal enlightenment with that rather disturbing information, on to Nicole’s question… Deals and Discounts for the 2012 State Fair of Texas? You will be happy to find that there are several…

Purchase in Advance at Kroger – You can purchase tickets in advance at Kroger for $14.95. If you plan on going more than three times (dangerous for the pocketbook!), you can get a season pass for $34.95.

September 28 (Opening Day) Only – Bring a full 20 oz unopened bottle of Dasani water or any other Coca-cola product to benefit to the North Texas Food Bank to get $6 admission.

McDonald’s – $3 Tickets with a State Fair coupon you can find on tray liners or bag stuffers. Coupons for half-price on child tickets are sometimes distributed at McDonald’s.

$8 After 5 Dr. Pepper (Any Day) – Bring an empty Dr. Pepper can any day after 5 to get admission for $8. If it is not empty, find the nearest trash can to dump or chug it for a serious sugar high!

$5 Dr. Pepper Tuesdays – Bring an empty can of Dr. Pepper on Tuesdays to get $5 admission.

Kroger Wednesday Food Drive – $2 admission when you bring 3 canned foods on Wednesdays only.

$6 Coke Thursdays – Bring an empty Coca-cola bottle to get admission or $6 on Thursdays.

KISS FM $5 Off Friday Admission – Download this Texas State Fair coupon to get $5 off your ticket price all day Friday. This brings the price down to $11.

If you know of any other State Fair of Texas Deals or offers for any other state fairs please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Oh, and if you do decide to indulge in any of the fried treats this year, may I recommend THIS to aid in your recovery? 🙂

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