Dec 9, 2011

Saving Money By Shopping Garage Sales


The other week I stopped into the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class at our church. I’m not part of the class right now, but I sat down in the back and watched a little bit of the video with everyone (oh my goodness, it was AWESOME… you guys have got to watch his video series if you haven’t!)

Well, one of the things Dave was talking about in the video was the different between buying from a company and buying from an individual. When you buy from a company, they are only looking at their bottom line. If the company paid $90 for an item, there is pretty much no way that they are going to sell it to you for less than that. You might be able to haggle them down a little, but not lower than $90.

Now let’s say that someone bought that same thing (Dave uses the example of a bike so that’s what I’ll go with) for $100. They never ride that bike and it just sits in their garage for a year or so. They bump into it every time they pull the car into the garage and find that it’s always in their way and since they never use it, they decide to put it in their yearly garage sale.

It’s still in perfectly great condition, but this person is now just concerned with getting that bicycle OUT OF THE WAY. For the most part, they don’t care that they paid $100 for it. It’s in their way, and they want it gone.

So how much do you think you can get that bike for now? Maybe they’ll price it high at $40? Maybe they REALLY just want to get rid of it and so they are willing to go down to $10 or $15. You never know!

But FOR SURE you will be getting a much better deal than you would by buying it new.

And if it still looks like it’s in new condition, then there’s no way the child (or adult) you’re giving it to will know that it was from a garage sale!

You can check your local newspaper for garage sale locations, but don’t forget about checking Craigslist too! Many people list their garage sale there each week.

What have you found at garage sales that make great gifts? Any tips for finding the best bargains?

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