Apr 8, 2009

Mid-week Walgreens Trip – profit of 51¢!


Well I finally made a trip to Walgreens tonight! I am very excited about this trip because I didn’t start out with any Register Rewards… and I still ended up profiting 51¢. To view the coupon matchups for the following transactions, you can see the weekly deals HERE. Here’s what I did:

Transaction #1:

Colgate Total Advanced Whitening – $2.99 (and it STILL printed out the $3.50 RR!!)
2 Vitamin Waters – 2/$2.49
2 Schick Quattro Disposable Razors – $6.99 each
$19.46 before coupons

– $4/1 Schick coupon
– B1G1 Schick coupon
– 2 $1/1 Vitamin Water coupons
– $1/1 Colgate coupon
– $1/2 Vitamin Water Walgreens coupon (in the April Easy Saver book at the front of the store)
– 2 $2/1 Schick Walgreens coupons (in the April Easy Saver book at the front of the store)
47¢ out of pocket after coupons!

Got back a $3.50 Register Reward for the Colgate

Transaction #2:

Edge Shaving Gel – $2.99
Walgreens brand peroxide – 69¢
$3.68 before coupons

– $3.50 RR from Transaction #1
18¢ out of pocket

Got back a $3.00 RR for the Edge

Transaction #3:

Colgate Total Advanced- $2.99
Nature Valley Granola Bars – $1.29 (hubs likes these and I need a filler)
2 Walgreens peroxide – 2/$1.00
2 Vitamin Waters – 2/$2.49
$7.77 before coupons

– $1/1 Colgate coupon
– 2 $1/1 Vitamin water coupons
– $1/2 Vitamin water Walgreens coupon
– $3.00 RR from Transaction #2
77¢ out of pocket after coupons

Got back $3.50 RR for the Colgate

And I continued rolling it back and forth…. one transaction would have the Colgate, then the next would have the shave gel. I did 8 transactions total.

How much would all this have cost without coupons/sale matchups? $77.12

How much did I pay out of pocket for everything pictured above? $2.49!!

That’s a savings of 96.77%

AND, I still have a $3.00 Register Reward from my last transaction to use next week! So really I profited 51¢ by buying all of the above!!!

Curious why I got the Hydrogen Peroxide and the Epsom Salt? Read this post. :)

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  1. This is amazing! I am still learning, and I think I am getting better, but I am no where near this level! Do you write it all down as you go? I get messed up when I have the totals all figured out but then something is on sale and I have to add fillers at the register so there is no overage at the end. Thanks for sharing all the details!

  2. Yep…I agree with the previous post. You’re stinkin’ amazing! I’m still not good with the LOW oop. GOSH..as hard as I try…it’s hard thinking on my feet in the store. I’m going to try some of your scenarios. (or could you just write me a shopping list each week??)
    Thanks for sharing, inspiring, and educating!

  3. Rachel @ Surviving The Stores says:

    You guys are too kind!

    For the fillers, I try to grab some filler items before I get up to the register so that I have them in case I need them. The kids pencils that are by the register (at least at my store) are 33¢ each so those make good fillers. Also, since the peroxide was 69¢ it made a good filler to roll the RRs back and forth between transactions.

    If I don’t end up needing the filler items I pick up then I can just tell the cashier that I’m not going to get these certain items.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing that your Wags will let you keep rolling your RR’s. Mine will only let me go through once. I have to return another day to buy the item again. Bummer!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Soooo since Im kinda new to all this you can get 2 razors, use a $4 off 1 coupon and then use a buy 1 get 1 free coupon on the other one!?!?!?!?! I have never heard that before and I can imagine the eye rolling and dirty looks from the clerk and the coupon snobs in line behind you! So, is this legal to do and if so please explain! Thanks!

  6. Rachel @ Surviving The Stores says:


    Yes, it is legal in my opinion (although there are no official couponing laws). You are using a B1G1 free coupon, then you use a $4/1 coupon on the one that you are not getting for free. You could NOT however use a B1G1 coupon and TWO $4/1 coupons. But since the stores allow you to stack manufacturer coupons with Walgreens coupons, you can use the Walgreens coupons in ADDITION to all of the above. So it ends up looking like this:

    Buy 2 Razor sets – $6.99 each ($13.98 total)
    Use B1G1 coupon – subtract $6.99 ($6.99 total)
    Use $4/1 coupon on razor you are paying for ($2.99 total)
    Use $2/1 Walgreens Easy Saver coupon – since you got two razors it will subtract $4 automatically ($1.01 money-maker total!)

    You have to make sure they scan the Easy Saver coupon last or you can’t get the overage. Also, Walgreens typically won’t give you cash back (it’s only happened to me once) so you need to purchase something else in the $1.00 range (you will end up getting it for free).

    SO, if you did 4 of the razor deals (by buying 8 razors and using all the coupons) you would end up having a $4.04 overage that you could use on anything you wanted to get. This is one of the ways I get toilet paper and paper towels for free when they aren’t on sale. Or you could use the overage to buy Christmas presents!

    I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any more questions… it can definitely be confusing at first.

  7. Rachel @ Surviving The Stores says:

    I also want to add that some stores have stricter coupon policies than others. I’ve been to stores where they said that they had to scan the coupons in the Easy Saver book first. If that happens then you don’t get the overage. I’ve heard horror stories about Walgreens cashiers, but most of the ones in my area are great!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for explaing Rachel! I appreciate it! Is there a certain order you should give your coupons in? (like the $4 off 1st, then the buy 1 get 1, then the walgreens one?)

  9. Rachel @ Surviving The Stores says:

    For the manufacturer coupons it shouldn’t make a difference which one you give them first (I gave the B1G1 first and it worked fine).

    Just make sure they scan the manufacturer coupons first and it should work out. If they end up scanning the Easy Saver coupon first then the register will beep when they scan the manuf. coupons and they will have to adjust the coupons down (you will end up getting them for free, but won’t get the overage).

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get the B1G1 Schick coupon?

  11. Rachel @ Surviving The Stores says:

    From the 4/5 Smart Source insert.

  12. Quick question, when you do all your transactions do you do them all at the same time or do you walk out, come back in and do more? I have done a couple of transactions on one sale and people behind me get all bent out of shape.

  13. Rachel @ Surviving The Stores says:


    I do them all at once. If there are people with just a couple of items that come up in line behind me, I typically let them check out between my transactions. Also, if you check out at the beauty counter there are usually fewer people waiting to check out over there.

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