Sep 30, 2011

Make Phone Calls Without Using Minutes on iPhone/iPod/iPad with Magic Jack App!


Ummm… this right here just might make me want to get an iPhone. I’ve talked about Magic Jack before and how it has saved our family tons of money and works great ($19.95/year for full phone service including unlimited long distance!), but I did not realize Magic Jack could save you tons of MINUTES on your iPhone!

They have put out a great new app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad that allows you to make calls to anywhere in the US or Canada or to any Magic Jack number anywhere in the world without using any of your minutes!

Oh, and did I mention that the app is FREE!

You can even use your existing Magic Jack phone number that you have at home so you can receive calls to your iPhone as well (otherwise it looks like it will generate for you a random number). The reviews on this are very positive with people especially remarking on the sound quality being really good. One person even said that the Magic Jack call quality was better than the AT&T quality of regular phone calls!

It’s also pretty cool that you can turn your iPod and iPad into a telephone as long as you have a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection!

To download the free app head over to the iTunes Store here: Magic Jack Free App for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

To learn more about Magic Jack for your phone read my post here: Magic Jack Review (we’ve had it for about 2 1/2 years now and highly recommend it).

Do any of you guys have this app or the Magic Jack phone service? How do you like it?

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  1. Would love to know what people thought of it. Have been looking into them lately, we have vonage now and even though we only pay $15 a month, we are still trying to find a way to cut the bill even more.

  2. Shaina, I would definitely give Magic Jack a try. We’ve been using it for 2 1/2 years and love it (it has saved us SO much on our phone bill). You also get to try it free for 30 days, so you can return it if you end up not wanting to keep it. $19.95/year for phone service with unlimited long distance just can’t be beat – big budget helper. Just my 2¢. 🙂

  3. I don’t have the app, but we use Magic Jack as our home phone line. It works perfectly and it’s so cheap! The only problem is, we don’t get cell reception at my house, and if the power goes out, we don’t have the Magic Jack… so that leaves us with no phone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great to save money but if you’re using the iPhone app forget about seeing your missed calls unless they left a message. Been complaining about that for many versions

  4. Love magic jack. Have had it for almost 5 yrs and saved a ton of money.

  5. I love the fact that you can use google voice too to make free calls to US and Canada. Was great for us last year when we lived in a basement and I didn’t get cellphone service. There is an android app for that too.

  6. Magic Jack Pros & Cons

    Pros: Obviously, the price. $19.95 a year, even cheaper if you buy 5 at a time! Free voicemail that you can get in your email or call from any phone. Free caller ID. Even if you don’t have caller ID on your phone, a splash screen comes up on your computer telling you the incoming phone number. Free call forwarding. You can choose to accept or ignore any incoming call. If you ignore it will go right to voicemail. The service can also be easily shut off if you do not wish to be disturbed. You can check your email to see if there are any missed calls when you return.
    Cons: If your computer isn’t on, you have no phone. No power? No Phone. Even if you are calling a number in your area code you must still dial 1 and the area code for the call to go through. There is a contact list that you can access and a list of recent calls that can easily be dialed by double clicking the call/ contact.
    Service can be spotty at times, but has been improving over the years.
    The jack, itself , is it’s own little hard drive and may not be aesthetically pleasing when it’s sticking out of your computer. It also may interfere with your computer’s placement if, for instance, it is close to a wall and the MagicJack is in a USB port in the back. I, myself, have it plugged in an interior USB port.
    I hope this review helped you make a decision as to whether or not to purchase one.

  7. I’ve had majicjack for about 2 years, and it’s saved a ton of money. I’ve now learned how to plug it from the majicjack dongle hooked to my computer, and instead of hooking a phone into, I have run it into my home’s phone line. If you have power running into your line’s box, you may have to disconnect the power to get rid of some electrical interference, but if you don’t mind a little buzz or the power has been cut already, then this will provide the phone service to each phone jack in your home. I did disconnect the power on one line since there were 2 lines originally coming into the home, but really you might check it out anyway. It seems that if the majicjack runs from a lower powered computer, like a netbook, the noise on the line is minimal without cutting the power on the line. You can find instructions on how to do this on the web; it’s safe, no electrical hazard.

    Now, using majicjack the standard way, just from the computer: it’s still great! You can have one phone at your computer, or if you want, buy a phone that has two or three handsets so you can have them around the house or take one outside with you (limited area).

    I have never had to dial a “1” before calling anyone in the U.S. I just dial the standard 10-digit number.

    I just downloaded the majicjack app for my iphone 4, and so far, the calls have been crystal clear.

    Cons: No power = no internet service = no phone. I am in an area where I have very poor cell phone reception, so I have a 3gmicrocell to boost the reception inside my home, but the same goes with that, when the power is down, the microcell goes too. Ironically I can drive or walk about 1/4 mile and the reception is great. (rain or sunshine:).

    For the initial $39 purchase of the majicjack hardware (Best Buy, Walmart, etc.) or free one month trial via majicjack’s site then pay the $39 plus $19 per year after that, then if you want to add any additional phone numbers, they are only $10 per year, free voice mail, free email notification, etc., I’d say majicjack is unbeatable. Compare that to Vonage or your internet provider’s $25/month VOIP phone service which is internet base (BTW, they would disconnect the electric to your old phone line to install their service, so there’s no difference in your doing it to add majicjack), and you’ve got a real deal.

  8. turk smith says:

    I have the Magic Jack App on my home computer. It works alright. I have a good high speed connection and a dual core processor on my computer.
    I’m satisfied with the Magic Jack App.
    Having said that there is ALWAYS a delay in the conversation. You end up talking over each other on a phone conversation. Is annoying. Also when there’s a lot of internet traffic there’s a lot of drop offs in reception. You will hear ever other word. Sometimes a couple of words drop off entirely. Again annoying.
    When I talk to relatives who know the issues then we can work around the issues.
    We know to wait before speaking. And we repear a lot of what we hear to make sure that’s what the other person said.
    Certainly if I could afford it I’d be back to Ma Bell in a heart beat.
    Turk Smith

  9. The apps is great


  11. DONT like the app. When I speak, I get feedback – hearing my own voice. So, it is annoying. When I am talking on the cellphone and a magicjack call comes it, magicjack takes over and interfers. The function sometimes allows me to answer and sometimes it doesn’t. It is not consistent. I’m just going to stick with my cell’s unlimited calling feature, get rid of the magic jack and get a home phone for just local and emergeny purposes. Also, I can rely on it more if I need to fax. When I fax using magjcjack, it is not always reliable and due ot the speed of the Internet. If there is more traffic then it is worthless. Just going back to what works. Low cost or not, it’s not worth the hassles for me.

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