Jan 27, 2011

Living Social: $50 worth of Vistaprint for only $10!


Well, I was impressed with how Living Social handled the Amazon gift card deal last week, so I will definitely be posting about them more often!

Today one of their hot deals is $50 worth of credit to Vistaprint for only $10!!  I love Vistaprint and get all of my business cards from them.  Just be careful which email address you use because they send A LOT of emails once you order something from them.

Here’s how to get it:

::  Sign up for a new Living Social account or log in to your existing Living Social account.

::  Click on “More Deals” in the left sidebar and go to “Atlanta”.

::  Order your Vistaprint $50 voucher for only $10!

::  Once your voucher number comes in, then go to Vistaprint to redeem it.

That’s it!

Since this is such a great deal, I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, so let me know in the comments section below when they stop offering it!

(Thanks, The Thrifty Mama!)

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  1. I will never again use vista print. They “mysteriously” signed us up for some “special program” and took $60 out of our account for no reason. I called and they kept saying, I don’t know why it’s there, you must have bought something that’s not showing up. All I bought was a “free tote” and just paid shipping. I ended up having to fight it as a fradulant charge :/ It took us almost a month to get it removed. I even had to have a mediator call their customer service to hear what they were saying to prove it was fradulant. Ugg. no thanks.

  2. I have liked their business cards and the free tote was cute but the mouse pad we got from them started to wear out after a week. Most of the colors are gone and it’s only been two months.

  3. Knowing VistaPrint there are probably a million “exceptions” when using the voucher…like no free or discounted products, etc…which would make everything VERY expensive.

  4. That really stinks, Katie! I know they try to get people to sign up for all kinds of stuff during checkout so you really have to watch to make sure you’re not signed up for anything extra.

    Katelyn, I would give them a call and let them know. I had business cards that came streaked once and they apologized and overnighted a new batch to us that were perfect!

  5. Oh I love VistaPrint. They have great products and they’re so inexpensive. This is a great deal. Thanks!

  6. I love Vistaprint they have always done great work on my orders.

  7. I had everything un clicked too :/ Just be sure and watch your bank to be sure nothing extra comes out. I found a site that other people had said the same thing happened. I guess it’s a random few.


  9. Sarah Vega says:

    I have used vistaprint for years, have gotten everything from business cards, to pens, tee shirts, to baseball caps, totes, to notepads with matching envelopes, oversized postcards and so on… I have never once had an issue with them and never paid more than twenty dollars, I haven’t had issues using promo codes, or discounted codes. Of course if something is free you can’t use a promo code on it but thats pretty much self explanitory but they do have stuff on sale everything week for very cheap you just have to watch whats on sale make sure your always secure and buy with confidence.

  10. Melissa Taylor says:

    I LOVE Vistaprint!! They have printed everything I need for my business and everything looks so professional! If I ever had a concern (only once in 15 years of using them) They have jumped right on the ball and out done themselves to fix it.

  11. Jacquie says:

    The whole deal is a scam. I bought the coupons and after all other promotions and discounts had been removed I “saved” $5.50. This was on a coupon I paid $10 for. I’m right now trying to get my money back off Livingsocial for the other Vista Print coupons I bought.

    • Let us know if you have any luck getting your money back from Livingsocial! I just placed a wedding invitation order and I am furious!

  12. angie acevedo says:

    I just got my order in from vistaprint and Iam very pleased with the products. I used a living social coupon and it wasn’t a scam for me. I bought over $100 worth of products and only paid $40 out of pocket plus the $10 living social coupon I paid for. That included shipping.

  13. Vista Print is great at advertising themselves but the best prices we found on the net are with http://www.realvalueprint.com. We would rather do business with a company like realvalueprint.com that is great at printing and delivery times then one that knows how to banner ad and email you to death to sell lower grade products. There is a 50% off code for anything you buy on relavalueprint.com that is good for quite a while that gets you 50% off anything you get on the site. If you use the code spring2011 you get 50% off anything on their site. No Living Social required and no hidden costs or selling to other companies like Vistaprint does so often. Save money get better trun arounds and better quality with realvalueprint.com.

  14. Amanda Lee Iwanowski says:

    So, does anyone know if this is an actual voucher with them or just a coupon code? If its a coupon code, people are stupid to pay for this. You can find them all day long online for free.

    Now, I have been a customer with Vistaprint for many, many years and have ordered several hundreds of dollars worth of product from them at heavily discounted prices. However, I’ve become so sick and dissatisfied with the scammy way they now run their business that I’ve been desperately trying to find an alternative to them. Basically, what they do is they price their products, then run “huge” sales and release TONS of seemingly great coupon codes online varying in an attempt to lure people in, but the “gotcha” is that the coupon codes have tons of strings attached that are never mentioned and then they gouge you on the shipping.

    If this is a voucher, I’d consider buying so long as they release all the limitations on it beforehand. If its a coupon code, you can find tons of them for free online. Yes, even an 80% off coupon! I’ve never paid more than 50% their list price on any of their products.

  15. Christine says:

    I have spent hours working on my Christmas card. Just as I’m about to checkout, I see that I cannot take advantage of the sale prices when I use my Living Social voucher. Buyer beware 🙁

  16. I’ve been using Vistaprint for over 10 years. Never a problem EVER with service, quality or cost. Mistakes happen in every business. I’m certain people don’t swear off their fav fast food place because they forgot their fries. To talk about your people experience is one thing, to assume what will happen in the future in regard to service is another. No need for company bashing.

  17. Except here’s the catch – once you type in the LivingSocial voucher, it REMOVES all the savings, thereby increasing what you actually end up paying. I wasn’t impressed at all – and can’t get the damn voucher out of my account!!

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