Nov 30, 2011

Leappad Explorer Tablet Vs. VTech Innotab Tablet {Worth It Wednesday}


I can’t believe how many comments (and clicks) I get over on the Surviving The Stores Facebook page every time I mention that the Leappad Explorer Tablet is in stock somewhere.  It always goes out of stock SUPER quickly (as in minutes) and is definitely a super hot item this Christmas.

I think it was on just about every talk show as a hot item and there just weren’t enough to go around.

Also hitting the shelves this year is the VTech Innotab Tablet.  While not quite as hyped up as the Leappad, it is around $20 less expensive and still has mostly great reviews.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out my recent post on Where is the Best Deal on a VTech Innotab 2 Tablet?

But what I would like to know from you guys (since I haven’t looked at either the Leappad Explorer Tablet or the VTech Innotab Tablet) is which one (if either) do you think is worth it?

If you have one or the other (or BOTH) already, what do you like about it?  Do you think it was worth the money that you spent on it?

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  1. I actually spent a few hours researching both of them and the innopad has a better art studio and you can download music and videos and watch them on it, on the leap pad you can’t. But the leap pad has a camera and video recorder & you can create stories with the pics you take and it has all different reading levels so it grows with your child and the innopad doesn’t do that. Also the leap pad comes with 2G of memory and the innopad is less then a gig and you have buy an SD card for it for extra memory. Overall it comes down to what features you want, I went with the leap pad cause I know my daughter will love the camera and story making. They both run off of 4 double A batteries and I heard they go pretty quick but they are both good tablets!

  2. I think what catches my eye the most about the Leappad Explorer is the Leappad name! Now if I can just find it in the stores! 🙁

  3. Sorry Leap Frog Name!

  4. I’ve looked at both & I like the leappad better. The leappad seems easier to use. The games for the leappad can also be used for the leapfrog explorer. I have actually purchased 2 for my little girl & boy as their Xmas present

  5. I’d be more interested in the Leappad Explorer tablet; we have the Leappad Explorer, and the games from it are compatible with the tablet, so that gets my vote. (Plus we’re really happy with the Explorer!)

  6. I agree… it comes down to what features you want. In the end I actually just bought my son a android tablet from 1saleaday. I figured we can download apps he wants and it was much cheaper than either of these

    • Amber, This may be a dumb question, but can he play the apps anywhere or does he need a wifi connection? I have the iphone, but I know the android has many of the same apps, but I am completely dunce as to know if these are just games or internet games that needs wifi! Thanks for your help, I have already started searching for a tablet, I think it is a much better option also.

  7. I looked at both and ended up with one if each ( when they get here anyway) The leappad has more features my five year old son and the innotab had more I thought my 9 yr old daughter would enjoy. Im sure they will be switched around.

  8. here was a pretty good article i found:

  9. I was at Target today stewing over this for all of the 30 min I’d alloted myself for errand running there…glad to see this post.

  10. leap pad, we have friends who bought the innopad and returned it for the leap pad

  11. amber? how much was the android tablet???

    • I got a refurbished (with warranty) Pandigital off of Amazon for $79. I think it is up to $90 but I figure I will save a lot of money not buying anything else for it.

  12. We love the leap pad explorer. I love that you can download to it & turn it into a camera with an accessory.

  13. I agree it depends on what your looking for!!! We choose the leappad not only because it offered a grow with you option, your able to monitor your child’s progress online like pervious leapfrog products. The bonus is that it’s compatible with games from the older systems!

  14. I agree it depends on what your looking for!!! We choose the leappad not only because it offered a grow with you option, your able to monitor your child’s progress online like pervious leapfrog products. The bonus is that it’s compatible with games from the older systems!

  15. Now just locating one b4 the holiday

  16. Leapfrog (last I looked earlier this evening) had the green one available in a bundle for $199. I got ours last night from their website it was 159.00 for the leap pad, 2 games and 1 $20 app card. Keep checking their site.

  17. I went with leappad. My son loves taking pictures and I am a fan of their products.

  18. I did a lot of research on these before deciding on the LeapPad. In the end, it came down to past experience. We’ve bought several V-Tech items for our youngest who is three, and none of them have been great quality. (Her MobiGo stopped working after only 6 months and she’s not even hard on her toys!) However, we have LeapFrog products that we purchased when our oldest, who is now 14, was a toddler…and they are still in excellent condition! So for us, it came down to quality.

  19. Leap pad all the way. It has more features!!

  20. Here in NY the LeapPads are flying off the shelves. Hard to get one!

  21. I bought it for 59.99 with free shipping. Basic tablet but plenty for my 5 year old

  22. I haven’t looked at the Vtech, but I bought my daughter a Leappad for her birthday. She loves it, but I’ve noticed a few things that annoy her: #1 it does NOT warn you when the batteries are about to run out or if it does, not until a few minutes before it dies. Caused a minor freak-out today. It has no battery indicator at all, which I thought odd. She’s played with it for about an hour 4 days in a row, so you get 4 hours of playtime. #2 It’s SLOOOWWW. She often taps the screen half a dozen times before realizing that it’s recognized her selection. #3 The good apps are EXPENSIVE ($17-$25) and the cheap ones are lousy…she doesn’t like them. Although it’s listed for ages 3 (or 4?) and up, my 4-year-old daughter who is very tech-savvy, cannot figure out some of the games. Little ones take a while to recognize cause and effect (like on a soccer game) so while the questions will be too easy for her, the game will be too difficult. (Noticed this primarily on the monkey soccer app)

  23. They are flying off the shelves here in TN too. Luckily my dad got one of the last two pink ones at target today. PHEW! Good luck to the rest of you trying to find them, I would just keep calling the stores and checking their websites, I heard wal-marts website had them in stock for a little while today but they went quick.

  24. Leapfrog e-mailed an article comparing side by side.. I can send it if you want!

  25. By the way I have bought 5 leap-pads online this week ( for my kids and family/friends who have been looking) using and . Works like a charm!!

  26. i got the inno tab for an xmas present for my 3 yr old for xmas…i hope it was a good choice, i like the feaures and since it is a new product i think it will continue to grow its products…

  27. I bought the innotab after looking at both of them for a while. It depends on the age of the child that you’re buying it for. My son will be 7 in January. He saw Innotab in the store and called it a baby toy…so back it goes to v-tech! Glad they have a great return policy!

  28. I got the inno tab for 51.00 for my grandaughter she loves her movies and the memory cardso that is why i picked it

  29. oh, I decided to go ahead and get him the Kindle that I was thinking he was too young for to begin with… SAME PRICE and he won’t outgrow it in the next year

  30. I did the same thing Amber. I bought 2 android tablets for my 4 and 6 yr old. It was cheaper at plum district than either one. I couldn’t make a decision with both the product having so many pros and cons. Now they have access to the android market and can get to tons of kids apps. I’m sure they will love the being able to get to the internet to play on sprout or pbs kids.

  31. Does anybody know, If I had 2 Leapads can both of my kids download an app I bought? Or would I have to buy separate apps each time?

  32. Probably separate, best way to know is to go on leapfrog site and look it up!

  33. My mom-in-law bought the Innotab for my 2-year-old. I don’t know anything about it but we will know after x-mas : ) I know that’s doesn’t help you.

  34. I really hope the innotech. Is a good choice on buying this product. For my daughtet that is three . Im sure she will love it .

  35. I bought the leapfrog leap pad for my 3 year old soon to be 4 yr old. Everytime we go into target he runs to it and turns it on, while the innotab is right next to it it doesnt seem to catch his attention. I really dislike the fact it does not have a charger and iys not a mp3- but i still chose it instead of vtech- its an xma gift so hopefully he will enjoy it! Solution to the batteries i bought him 8 rechargable batteries so one set i will leave in the car jist in case it ever dies down on the road or when he is using it meaning i will alway try to have a set fully charged while the other set is being used. 🙂 hope this helps good luck to all!

  36. SunshineMoreno says:

    i bought the innotab for my then 2 1/2 year old for christmas. It was the best money spent, weve downloaded his favorite movies and tv shows as well as pictures of mom and dad. I love that you can download apps for as little as 2$, It has a low battery indicator and has stood up to a rough little boy. Him being 2 1/2 i figured he didnt need a camera or voice recorder, the sd card was more important. He uses it every day, it was money well worth spending.

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