Apr 26, 2011

How To Survive A Layoff {Survival Tip Tuesday}


Survival Tip Tuesday
Many of you might remember my post last year about Ryan losing his job. It was definitely a tough adjustment at for us, since Surviving The Stores was nowhere close to the point of being able to support us full-time.

THANKFULLY we had both been taught about living below our means in order to put as much money into savings as we possibly can.

We had been putting money into savings thinking it was unlikely that we would actually need it one day, but I’m SOOO glad that we listened to the advice of those who had already walked through many years of life and who knew through experience why saving up for unexpected circumstances is so important!

Over the past year as I’ve watched tweets on Twitter, looked through Facebook status updates, and talked to friends, it seems that layoffs are now just a part of life.

Even those who thought they would always have job security in their field are facing cut-backs in their sector.

We’ve been there… and it can be a very scary place.

This morning, I read a post by my friend Connie over at Smockity Frocks. Her husband got laid off right before Easter weekend this year and they are putting together a plan of action on how to survive this time (with EIGHT kids) without losing their home.

Connie is starting a new series over at Smockity Frocks on How To Survive A Layoff. If any of you have gone through a layoff, are going through a layoff, or could go through a layoff (that would be pretty much everyone, right?) I definitely encourage you to read through her post today and consider signing up for her email newsletter to keep up with the weekly series.

What about you all? What tips would you give someone who is facing a layoff?

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  1. Coupons coupons coupons make meals ahead in bulk when on sale and freeze have yard sales sell clutter on eBay

  2. Make sure you can easily find personal papers such as birth certificates, marriage license, custody papers, military ID, recent W2s, etc. for everyone in the household. Some programs that are available to financially needy families will expect documentation of who is living in the house and of household income.

  3. tell her to find a job..and QUICK!any money is better than no money.Clip coupons and learn to adjust to a new lifestyle that doesnt consist of eating out and spending money freely.Dont fight over being broke!! This can ruin your marriage if theres the “blame game”.We went thru this 2 years ago…my hubby was laid off for 1 year.YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS!! And when he goes back to work,you will realize how much stronger as a couple this can make you!Good luck <3

  4. Tisuses!!

  5. I agree with Nicole you have to be able to communicate as a couple…my husband and I have been laid off for about a year and I think it has made us closer. I know stick to a budget and plan out my grocery shopping and decide what is important and what’s not. I has been a HUGE adjustment but we are doing ok because we talk!

  6. Don’t be picky! Get a job! Any job will do, it’s only temporary.

  7. check with your local health department for help.. there are programs out there available to people if they need them. I am in the same boat, not easy at all.

  8. Keep the same schedule that you had when you worked. ( getting up the same time
    E, lunch, dinner etc). The family needs to stay as normal as possible and don’t give up.

  9. Tell EVERYONE you know you are looking for a job since networking is the best way to find a job these days.

  10. cut back on unimportant utilities/expenses- in the past 3 years my hubby and i have each been laid off and we’ve cut back on our cell plan, tv plan, eating out, clothes, etc… learning what you NEED vs WANT is huge….

  11. Cut all your extra spending in half!! I live by the saying “if I can’t pay cash for it..then we don’t get it.

  12. My husband was laid off 2 months before we got married, for a total of 9 months. We enjoyed the time we had together and tried to see the good side of the situation. He did odd jobs for people while at the same time putting in applications everywhere! I started couponing during that time, had never done it before and now I love it! Husband now has a wonderful job, but we still use coupons and live well within our means since no one’s job is secure.

  13. I was very close to being laid off and it really opened my eyes! I am new to the whole coupon game and started a group on Facebook (The Coupon Commandos!) for us newbies that want to learn couponing!! A lot of people are trying to make ends meet and couponing will help so much!

  14. Kathy Santana says:

    Tell everyone on facebook your looking for a job and what you do for a living. Also, have a yard sale. Cash in all your change..roll it. Sell your gold for money..it’s at $1,505 an ounce. If your able maybe clean houses?? Or if your husband is into baseball, see if they need umpires. It’s at night or Saturday and fun for the family too. Most of all PRAY, PRAY and PRAY!!! :0)

  15. I have been trying to survive for 9 mos now, One day aweek when I am not searching out around the country for a job (this is so sad), I take time for me, spa and coffee with my mother, I set aside 50 dollars one a month and just for me , time. I also love py

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