Apr 4, 2013

How To Start Running (and not spend a ton doing it)!


How To Start Running

***The following is a post by Victoria at Snail Pace Transformations!***

I started running when I was just 5 or 6 years old on my school’s cross country team. I stopped running when I was a teenager and could not get better than 4thplace in races with probably 100 or more people in them (looking back I see I had pride issues).

I began running again as a mom of three. This time I started running not to win races, but to keep up with my children. I wanted to be a fit mom.

I started running after I had built up to walking a 3 to 4 mile loop around our neighborhood with ease. One day I felt ready to start running again, and so I did.

I did not run with the grace I had as a teenager, this time I huffed and puffed and begged my legs to move faster. It took every ounce of mental strength I had to convince my brain I could run the length between two telephone poles. Once I was able to do that length successfully each week I would add just a bit more running to my 3 to 4 mile loop until one day several months later I was able to run the whole loop.

I have been a runner for 6 years now and I have learned a thing or two about how to run frugally.


The 4 Don’ts Of Running Frugally

1. Don’t spend money on expensive running shoes until you are sold on running

I suggest starting off with a pair of shoes you already own or a pair of inexpensive no name runners.

The last thing you want to do is buy a top of the line running shoe only to discover you hate running.

Wait until you have stuck with your running plan a few months and have decided you love it, then find a local running store near you and get properly fitted for the right running shoe for your stride and build. Buy the first pair at the store as a thank you for their service and then begin searching the web for ways to purchase that brand for less.

For instance you can save money by getting them on sale, use coupons, signing up for store reward cards, and even perhaps using discounted gift cards to the store of your choice.

By combining these simple saving steps I often save as much as 25% off the retail price of my preferred brand of running shoes.

2. Don’t spend money on a expensive training plan or books

I never used a training plan when I began. I simply added a bit more running to my walk each and every week until one day I was able to run the full loop.

If you want a bit more structure than that you can do an internet search for “free first 5K training plans” or go to your local library and see if they have any beginner’s runners guide, one of my favorites is “Running for Dummies”.

3. Don’t spend money on expensive running clothes

At first a cotton t-shirt and shorts will do fine. Once you start getting into runs of 3 miles or more you are probably going to want a t-shirt made of wicking material. I never spend more than $5 on my wicking shirts as I find it only takes a few months for them to smell like sweat even after I have washed them.

Two stores to check for inexpensive running shirts are the clearance racks of Walmart and Target.

4. Don’t register in a race last minute

A great way to keep motivated as a newbie runner is to enter a 5k race. If you want to keep the fees for races down I suggest you plan your race months in advance so that you can take advantage of early bird fees that are as much as $10 to sometimes $20 cheaper per race depending on the size of the venue.


Victoria at Snail Pace Transformations Victoria writes Snail Pace Transformations about frugality, food, faith, fitness and more. She loves to run and her telephone pole to telephone pole method has now lead her to completing 3 full marathons proving that snail pacing steps can lead to succeeding at your goals.  You can also find her over on Facebook, and Twitter!


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