Nov 13, 2011

Home Economics: Sewing {How To Homeschool For Free}


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Preschool Sewing Skills

Kids Sewing Projects

Kids Sewing Projects has all levels of learning to sew. It begins with age-appropriate projects that focus on fine motor skills and getting kids interested in the mechanics of hand-sewing. Be sure to check out all of the links of learning to sew in this website as it has projects up the intermediate level. It’s not just preschool!

Preschool Express

Preschool Express has projects that are easy for kids. An explanation of how sewing skills can help young children reach developmental milestones is helpful for you to know it’s not just playing around. It’s educational fun, but you don’t have to tell that to the kids!

Elementary Sewing Lessons

Craft and Fabric Links

Craft & Fabric Links provides sewing lessons for parents & children to learn together. It starts with learning basic tools, how to choose fabrics, and how to read patterns. The website also offers several free patterns and other crafty ideas. has free lessons with pre-sewing basics. If you already know a little bit about sewing, you can go choose a project.

Older Kids without Sewing Experience has printable sewing information for learning the basic tools of sewing and working up to serious projects. You can print these .pdf file and use them to accompany any video or audio tutorial as a reference.


Simplicity has a Sewing 101 course available online. It starts with a list of materials need for various projects and what those materials are used for.

Sewing Solutions

Sewing Solutions has both lessons and ideas for new projects. This is for beginners as well as more advanced students looking for ideas or help with specific issues.

Older Kids with Sewing Experience

Homeschool Blogger

Homeschool Blogger has a webinar that was recorded live & is now available for viewing online. It is titled beginning sewing lessons, but I feel like this would have to be for a jr. high or older student who has already accomplished some hand-sewing projects. There are 4 lessons available with different projects.

Husqvarna Viking

Husqvarna Viking is a company that makes sewing machines. In the Sewing Room, your student can learn techniques and basics of sewing from an expert seamstress. To get started, click on the Assistance tab to read the Getting Started information.

More Projects

Your student might simply need some inspiration to start a new project. Here are a few links to spark some creativity.

Sewing.Org has many, many ideas and projects. It also has information on how to start your own sewing business.

Retro Sewing

Retro Sewing has quite a variety of projects on video. There are links for tutorials, gift ideas, and tips for preparing your fabric for the best results.

All Free Sewing

All Free Sewing will keep you in stitches! …or so they claim. With the variety and number of projects, I have little doubt that it is true. It’s full of seasonal ideas as well as practical projects for any time of the year.

Burda Style

Burda Style has video tutorials on all kinds of sewing. From how to sew on a button to a more difficult task of altering garments, you will find something at your level of learning.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I love sewing but I had to sell my sewing machine, so I would have to find another one for free LOL…I used the internet a lot to make stuff.

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