Nov 28, 2012

*Even Lower!* HOT Deals On Keurigs With Cyber Monday Prices, 25% Off Coupon Code, Kohl’s Cash, and Free Shipping!


Wow, the deals on Keurig’s at Kohl’s got even better today! There is a Kohl’s coupon code for 25% off your purchase of $100 or more that was released today, making the deals available right now on FOUR of their Keurigs even better when you stack the sale, Kohl’s 25% off coupon code, and Kohl’s cash! (not to mention free shipping!)

I’ve listed all of the deals below and you can can find all of these Keurig’s on the Kohl’s site here: Keurig Deals At Kohls!

The 25% off code HOLLY is good now through 12/3, but these Keurigs could sell out at any time, (one already has) so be sure to shop now if you still need to buy a Keurig.

Also, be sure to check out the Best Prices on K-Cups that we publish each week!

Add an item 1¢ or higher to your cart to get the price to $100 so the code will work.
After 25% off coupon code HOLLY
– $80.00

Get back $15 in Kohl’s Cash
Like paying $65.00 after Kohl’s Cash!!
PLUS get another $4.80 in cash back when you shop through Ebates

After 25% off coupon code HOLLY – $89.95
Get back $15 in Kohl’s Cash
Like paying $74.95 after Kohl’s Cash!!
PLUS get another $5.40 in cash back when you shop through Ebates!

After 25% off coupon code HOLLY – $134.99
Get back $30 in Kohl’s Cash
Like paying $104.99 after Kohl’s Cash!
PLUS get another $8.10 in cash back when you shop through Ebates!

(Unfortunately the above B60 is out of stock right now, but I left it in case it comes back)

After 25% off coupon code HOLLY – $112.49
Get back $30 in Kohl’s Cash
Like paying $82.49 after Kohl’s Cash!!
PLUS get another $6.75 in cash back when you shop through Ebates

After 25% off coupon code HOLLY – $202.49
(search for “Keurig Vue” on the home page)
Get back $60 in Kohl’s Cash
Like paying $142.49 after Kohl’s Cash
PLUS get another $12.15 in cash back when you shop through Ebates

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  1. Still not to bad 🙂 gotta love Kohls cash!!!

  2. The special edition “like paying” is wrong! It should be $89.99!!! Which is an even better deal! $30 in kohls cash takes it down! Thanks for listing all these though!

  3. I work at Kohls. We always have awesome deals

  4. I don’t think these deals are that great. maybe getting the kohl’s cash part. But the price you pay for them on sale at kohl’s is close to the regular price at BedBathBeyond.and if you have any BBB 20% coupons, you can get it even cheaper. I don’t know, guess I look at it different. I don’t consider the Kohl’s cash part of the lower price because you aren’t actually getting that amount off the item. just future purchases

    • I’m with you Kayla. Odds are if I purchase it I would forget all about the kohls cash and it would expire before I ever used it

  5. Tomorrow –Albertsons has the classic for $70.00 which looks just like the one in this picture above the post.

  6. We got the Keurig Special Edition at Bed Bath and Beyond today for $129.99. JCPenny’s was advertising it for $159.99 regularly $189.99. I’m very happy my husband did the research on the prices before hand. I would have been upset if I thought I was getting a deal then found out I paid more than what they really do cost regularly.

  7. I have to stop reading yours posts. I’m going to be broke. 🙂 though I savewd mad cash by going through ebates. Thank you thank you!!!

  8. Charlene – Just think about ME who has to post all of these great deals and still keep to my budget, lol!! 🙂 Yeah, some are hard to resist, aren’t they?

  9. They are all hard to resist. Some worse than others. Good thing I don’t drink coffee! 🙂

  10. Does anyone have these? I don’t have Time to research but have been wanting a coffee maker that’s quick and easy to use. I like a strong coffee. Would this be a good machine for me? I’m looking at the smaller one.

    • It depends on the coffee you buy for it or you can do your own coffee with a different filter. It’s easy not too bad but can be pricy if you are always buying k cups!

  11. First, I love your postings and I love my Keurig. I’m not a volume coffee drinker but I do like quality flavored coffees. I get fresh delicious coffee in a great assortment of flavors. Keurigs are quick and very easy to use. However, for people that drink a lot of coffee they are not very economical. I also wanted to address all the people griping about “false advertising.”. Quit whining. The details on how the discounts break down are all covered. So you don’t like her terminology, get over it. It is a wonderfully thorough (AND FREE) website. You might not consider a store credit as a discount, but many people do. I don’t see any part of the above post that would lead anyone into thinking that they were only ultimately paying the final price. I think it is made quite clear that part of the discount is given as a store credit. If you don’t like how she breaks it down – find another website/blog to get your deals from. I think she is doing a great job. Her deals and discount codes always work.

  12. Love Kohl’s, Kohl’s CASH, & my new Keurig!! I bought the Keurig Vue back in Oct…. Let me tell ya it’s worth every penny… I upgraded from the B60… I had a 30% coupon code, 70 dollars in Kohls CASH… THE VUE was 229 – 70 in Kolhs CASH = 159 -30% coupon code = 111.30 – 50 Keurig Rebate = 61.30 after it was said and done!!!! …. The Vue is awesome… Little one the slow side to get ready but I LOVE that I can make up to an 18oz travel mug in one shot… Also when I registered the Vue online at keurigs site the sent me a coupon in my email for buy two get two free in Vue cups… I got 4 boxes of Vue cups for 21 dollars… The cups seem to be cheaper on keurigs site too!! …. Enjoy for those who ae advantage of the sale!!! … Kohls CASH, it’s a wonderful thing 😉

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