May 9, 2012

{UPDATE: NOT LEGIT} FREE Sample of Aloe Vera Gel! {Facebook}


***UPDATE:  Aloe King is a great company based out of Texas that sells lots of great aloe products… but they do NOT have a Facebook page.

I just got off the phone with them and apparently that Facebook page that’s advertising the sample is not legit.

So what can you do?

1.  Go to the FAKE Aloe King Facebook page and report the page as a scam.

2.  Unlike the page if you had Liked them.

3.  Always be sure to use a “deals only” email address and a free phone number from google voice when signing up for freebies.  We try to catch the ones that aren’t legit but there are times like these where we miss it.

Sorry about that everyone!  And if you do need some Aloe products for the summer sunburns then check out the REAL Aloe King website!

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  1. Terri Lewis says:

    Great, I just signed up for this one today…

  2. Amanda Vaughn says:

    oh boo! 🙁

  3. Shaquita Dilworth says:

    Now I’m glad it didn’t let me sign up.

  4. Angel Castillo says:


  5. Heather Horton says:

    Lovely 🙁

  6. TheMommy Mallory says:

    boo.. 🙁

  7. Laura Garris says:


  8. Tammy Duffy says:

    I reported it…after I hit like and filled in info, it went to a page about make up…I exited out of that one.

  9. Karen Brown says:


  10. Misty Hughes says:

    oh wow thats not good. i did it last night with all my info

  11. Sally Guenterberg says:

    where do we report it as a scam; didn’t see anything on the page

  12. Kim Rakoczy says:

    Glad you called to confirm as well! I hope she’s a little more calm now that she knows what to tell people after my conversation. 🙂

  13. Surviving The Stores says:

    Sally – There’s a little gear looking icon up by the “Like” button on all of the Facebook pages. If you click that, one of the options is “Report Page”.

  14. Marjorie Fuhst French says:

    Thanks for the update. Reported and unliked.

  15. Nicky O'Bryon says:

    It won’t let me unlike

  16. Nancy Reynolds says:

    Thank you…

  17. Barbara Rogers says:

    won’t let me unlike

  18. Tina Carrizzo Terrell says:

    Wow I did this early this morning and had no problems, weird

  19. Tina Carrizzo Terrell says:

    I just unliked the page, all you do is hit the gears and then scroll down to unlike and your done.

  20. Sandy M. Hults Slade says:

    just signed up for this an hour ago. Now I’ve unliked the page and reported it as a scam by using the gear in the right corner. I exited the makeup page that came up.

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